Project Management

We take the guesswork out of overseas project management, seeing your project through the entire process, from start to finish. Your dedicated merchandising team within SVI will work with your business every step of the way, from the initial planning phase, to implementation,order management, and finalizing shipments. We locate the right factories, develop and manage production schedules, and address any issues that may occur in real-time, saving you valuable time and money.


Engineering and Testing

Our robust prototyping department enables us to rapidly test and refine product design and formulations. Your SVI Global team will oversee and approve any samples needed based on your project’s specific requirements.

In recent years, due to Proposition 65, CPSIA requirements, and quality specifications steadily becoming stricter, neglecting product testing is no longer a reasonable option. All products are thoroughly tested for both chemical and mechanical requirements in our fully equipped in-house laboratory, before,during and after the production phase. We also closely monitor all of our external manufacturing partners, to ensure that they consistently meet all mechanical and chemical specifications. For projects that require more formalized testing and reporting, we work directly with accredited laboratories, ensuring a quick turnaround. Also our in-house laboratory will be CNAS certified in Dec 2019. 

Manufacturing in China

SVI Global works directly with factories, overseeing production, and ensuring that they adhere to your project’s unique standards.

Our QC team closely monitors production, and conducts AQL inspections of every outgoing shipment, ensuring that they adhere to your project’s unique standards.  Based on our comprehensive risk assessment analysis, we may do more than just normal AQL inspection if necessary. We handle comprehensive AQL inspections on every single order, regardless of its location in China.

Did you know that over 75% of missed ship dates are due to testing issues? Often these types of issues are easily resolved, but only if found early in the production process. Unfortunately, some factories in China do not have their own inbound material quality control processes in place. In our experience, this is where the most common manufacturing issues begin. To minimize this, we work directly with the factories, defining key risk factors. We even help our factory partners test incoming materials before beginning the production phase. Our close working relationships, and years of experience in manufacturing will ensure you receive a quality result on schedule.

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