Product development with research and design support

Your dedicated merchandising team within SVI works hand-in-hand with your oversea team to ensure that all design objectives and deadlines are met. We are with you every step of the way, working quickly to turn your product into a reality. 


Engineering is crucial during the product development phase. Done properly, quality engineering goes a long way toward the success of a product. We have an integrated engineering team to accomplish various product category needs- 3D product engineer, structural engineer, electronics engineer (software) and electronics engineer (hardware).
Our engineering team will coordinate with your dedicated merchandising team to help refine your product to exacting standards, no matter how complex the design. After the revisions and sample testing, our engineers will prepare your design for the manufacturing process, ensuring a smooth transition from sampling to production.

Unparalleled Prototyping Services

We understand how important quality prototyping is to product development. SVI Global’s internal prototyping department is at your disposal, with in-house sculpting, molding, painting services available. Our expert teams are ready to help finalize every detail of your new product.


We offer in-house pattern making and sample sewing services, enabling your business to rapidly complete pre-production upon arrival in China. Our experienced staff can handle apparel projects of any size. We work with industry partners on your behalf to source quality materials, and secure manufacturing contracts, ensuring the production of a great final product. 

Graphic Design and Product Photography

Great products deserve great graphics. Our team of talented graphic designers will help you create stunning product packaging, merchandise displays, and printed materials. Our graphic department is equipped with cutting machine to make high quality packages, it can be used with stock card, corrugated card, PVC, EPE foam, and polyester fabric. We also feature an on-site product photography studio, making e-commerce a breeze. SVI Global strives to provide our clients with everything they need for a successful product launch. 

Advanced 3-D scanning and 3-D printing

Our facilities are equipped with the latest in both 3-D printing and scanning technologies. Rapid prototyping and revisions are made easy with this sophisticated technology. Our expert staff makes working with 3-D technology a breeze,decreasing the time needed for testing and revisions to your product. 

Chinese Legal Services

With SVI Global, you don’t have to go to law school to do complex business in China. Our in-house legal department is specialized in Chinese contracts and business agreements, as well as patent and trademark law. We work hard to prevent legal issues before they occur, and carefully structure all agreements and contracts to ensure the highest quality and labor standards are maintained.

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