Location, location, location – We’re in China, close to the factories with immediate access to your product, samples and production. We address your needs in real time.

Single point of contact – Your personal merchandise manager (PMM) has direct access to all aspects of your operations at multiple factories.

Dedicated staff – Your hand-picked merchandising team, headed by your PMM works directly with over 150 of our company employees in all areas of operation.

Predictable expenses – You pay only contracted business fees. We handle labor, social insurance, contracts, rent or long-term commitments. Our resources can easily ramp-up to meet your growth needs.

Compliant – Our teams are well-versed in testing and compliance standards to ensure your factories and products meet your quality expectations and pass all industry and government regulatory requirements.

Peace of mind – We provide the sourcing, negotiating and manufacturing expertise so that you can focus on growing your product line and annual sales.

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